Episode 5: Adam Vass

Hear more from Adam on turning his creative interests into multiple career paths as a self-taught designer and musician, how he's made a living from collaborating with friends, and his best advice for his younger self. 



Links to resources mentioned throughout the episode: 

La Dispute — Adam's band

World Champ Game Co. — Adam's tabletop game company

Mush — Adam's new band

Mark Kistler — "Pencil Power!" kids' instructional drawing videos

BOOM! Studios — All ages comic publisher

Sign Painters — the documentary

Skillshare — Online community for learning new skills, where Adam learned fundamentals of calligraphy and lettering (or YouTube for free!) 

Rooms of the House — album cover for La Dispute designed as a collaboration between Amanda and Adam

Grain — just another plug for Nicole's investing app! 

Adam Vass the soccer player — in case you were wondering 

See more of Adam's work at www.adamxvass.com and www.worldchampgame.co and on Instagram @adamvass and @worldchampgameco