S.02 E.14: Katy Ann Gilmore

S.02 E.14: Katy Ann Gilmore

Hear more from Katy on being practical while taking risks, managing her time as a self-employed artist, planning for large-scale murals and exhibits, staying organized with her studio workflow, and expanding her goals in her “five year plan.”

Links to resources mentioned throughout the episode: 

Greenville College — Where Katy earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art and Mathematics

Azusa Pacific University — Where Katy earned her MFA through a low-residency program that enabled her to work alongside earning her degree

Branded Arts — Artist agency and consultancy for public art, mural art, street art, and installation art

SketchUp — 3D modeling computer program

“Either Or” for Facebook’s Artist-in-Residence Program

“From One to the Other” for Uber’s offices in Palo Alto, CA

Google Artist-in-Residence project

Google Tilt Brush — 3D painting tool and virtual reality application

Mary Iverson — Seattle, WA based contemporary artist

G-Suite — Google productivity tools Katy uses, primarily Google Sheets and Google Docs

The Phoenix Journal and Planner — Daily planner and journal

See more of Katy’s work on her website www.katyanngilmore.com and on Instagram at @katyanngilmore

S.02 E.15: Marcela Pardo Ariza

S.02 E.15: Marcela Pardo Ariza

S.02 E.13: Erik Parra

S.02 E.13: Erik Parra